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Are you tired of $2000.00 FW-190 models that take as many hours to build them only to see them turned into a kit again in 15 seconds? How about the 475 clones of the Electric Off-Road Buggy? Did your Submarine refuse to surface? How far did you have to swim after your boat in “green” water?

Well… It’s time for something completely different!
Detroit Tank Command (DTC) is a developing organization for those modelers who are interested in Radio Controlled Model Armor Models; fully tracked, half-tracked, armored cars / APC, radio-control-vehicles or soft-skinned support vehicles.
Purpose: DTC is being formed to promote all facets of radio controlled model armor, armour and RC vehicles with a keen interest in the vehicle's history, modeling technique, mechanical construction and realistic operation. DTC hopes to promote the skills required to design, produce and operate exact, semi and standoff scale military radio-control-vehicles, RC models with an emphasis on tracked radio-control-models from all time periods in 1/15 – 1/16 R/C scale and operate these radio-control-vehicles in simulated battles using available compatible IR systems in the RC vehicles, etc .. Other larger scales may also be developed based on the membership request/support.
Activity: Participate with RC models, radio control model armor, armour and RC vehicles in fun runs and contest battle scenarios with dioramas indoors and outdoors over rough terrain. Get together with fellow modelers, who like you, want to discuss and exchange ideas to improve skills and create camaraderie in this most interesting facet of the Radio Control Hobby World.
How you can participate: Everyone is welcome to participate or join the DTC club. Whether you are an avid armor, armour modeler or run RC models for fun, this is an opportunity to connect with fellow R/C modelers to learn building technique, historical significance and watching your RC vehicles creations run under your control over obstacles or in battle.
All scales are welcome: there are military radio-control-vehicles in all scales. At this time our primary RC models are 1/15-1/16th scale operational models based on the products offered by Tamiya using the Tamiya Battle System. Static modelers are encouraged to join but the intent of this group is to promote operational models. We invite all modelers to join, from beginners to those of you who have your own foundries. Join!
Communications: DTC will develop a news letter intended to be published on a quarterly basis or as the needs of the membership grows. We currently would prefer to distribute the news letter via e-mail, but conventional mail can be accommodated. DTC will determine if membership dues will be required. The news letter will feature articles from our membership; on-going construction articles; how-to tips; classified ads, etc. We will develop a listing of sources including an Internet Forum and links to related clubs for information about the hobby as well as how to procure models from abroad. There are several manufactures around the world that provide either complete kits or after-market enhancements for existing kits.
Meetings/Club Events: We will be planning meetings, exhibits, displays and fun runs show casing the radio-control-models, tank, RC tanks, radio-control-vehicles and just about anything related to radio controlled model armor, armour in the Metropolitan Detroit Area (i.e. Livonia, Hartland, and Brighton/Howell areas for local meetings/events.) Additionally, we will contact the other clubs in the Midwest area; Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia to have meetings and contests, even competing with them in team simulated combat events/competitions. We would like to have at least a monthly meeting to get together and discuss projects and upcoming events. During good weather we would also like to meet and "run" events outdoors, and potentially in-doors during the winter months.
The cost of membership: Owning a model or being an R/C modeler is not a prerequisite of membership (excluding your purchase of RC tanks or radio-control-models in 1/15-1/16th R/C scale with the Tamiya Battle System) the Yearly Dues are FREE (Membership is FREE, unless you want to vote in the clubs operation and activities). The dues for an Associate or Cadet membership are FREE. The dues for (NCO/Enlisted-Officer) are $50 Please go to the JOIN page for complete information on how to join and the current breakdown of membership costs. Each subsequent year there is an annual membership renewal fee. Once we develop the club as an organization; the club membership will determine the dues and timing for meetings, fun runs, joint events, etc. We will publish an on-going list of members so modelers will know who is active in their respective area. Please tell us what you’re running: Tamiya, scratch built, means of power, etc. Tell us what you're building or want to build, place an advertisement in the free (to membership) club forum, classified section of the network with other builders in your area.
Conditions of membership: None. You may participate at whatever level you wish. Any club is only as good as its membership. Junior membership will be decided by the club; currently children under the age of 14 years old must accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times at club sponsored meetings and events. Contribute to our newsletter? We encourage new ideas, events (picture a dozen or more 1/15-1/16th R/C models gathered together!), building techniques, collaborations, etc. The only condition of any sort is that we will not support or condone any model which has been designed or modified to include and fire any type of firearm or pyrotechnic materials. This is at best undesirable. There are alternatives to live firing RC tanks, the radio control tank & radio-control-models including armor, armour, the good ones will protect and enhance the hobby.
What to expect: DTC is a small informal group of R/C model armor, armour, RC tanks & radio-control-models enthusiasts. We expect the group to grow as participation increases. Help us build a great club and organization here in the “Arsenal of democracy” Join our group at the level you are comfortable with, you can always upgrade, but become a part of a great segment of the Radio Controlled Hobby, join DTC.
Please feel free to give us your comments or feedback about the Detroit Tank Command website or any questions you may have. We will answer any and all feedback. Also Please let us know if you find mistakes or areas that need clarification.
Detroit Tank Command
Detroit Tank Command is looking forward to meeting you and developing our hobby together.
Hope to hear from you soon:

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